Wide Plank Flooring

The way the flooring business has evolved, it's difficult to feel there was a time that pretty much all hardwood floors has been wide plank floors by today's standards. Currently, with a lot of strip flooring being produced, largely from the 2 1/4″ to 3 1/4″ range, those who want something extraordinary frequently set out to find something at least a bit wider, hence the search for wide plank flooring starts. What's wide plank flooring? The answer to this question is sort of a gray area, based on who you ask really. In certain regions, and/or based on specific manufacturers, you could say anything 4 inches or wider is considered"wide plank" flooring. I would need to disagree. I think anything that is 4 inches or wider is unquestionably considered"plank" flooring, but Wide plank floors? That would be a tiny stretch of the imagination. But again, there is probably not a"right" or"incorrect" response to the question"what is wide pla